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License А № 149570, 15.06.2004г. Certificate of State Accreditation СП №003155 от 23.06.2004г.

• Founded in 1966, June, 3 in Georgievsk by orders of the State ministry RSFSR №296 and Stavropol administration of vocational training №90, June, 28, 1966г.
• Registered in inspection №2625 МНС России.
• Name/adress: State Educational Institution of secondary vocational training «Georgievsk State Regional College "Integral", Russian Federation, 357827, Georgievsk, Stavropol region, Druzhba/Bykova Street, 29/2.
• tel.(87951) 6-35-70, 6-50-61
• fax (87951) 6-85-78.

• Founders:
Stavropol Education Department.

• Officials:
Sakhovski Alexander, candidate of pedagogical science, Honoured teacher of RF, headmaster
Alishev Marat, candidate of engineering sciences, acting director of guidance affairs
Kzakov Victor, acting director of the office of the head of studies
Sakhovski Dmitriy, candidate of pedagogical science, acting director of training relations Chigrin Andrew, acting director of economics
Guzhvii Svetlana, acting director of teaching and education
Kuznetsov Alexander, acting director of security
Mashina Galina, accountant general
Kuritsin Anatol, candidate of economical science, dean of the faculty of economy
Garmash Natalia, dean the polytechnical science
Gorbaneva, dean of the faculty of primary vocational training
Trubitsina Svetlana, dean of the technological faculty
Grishina Lidia, dean of the faculty of radio electronics and computer engineering
Chebannaya Irina, dean of the faculty of catering

• Status and primary intent:
Georgievsk State Regional College "Integral" serves as the State Educational Institution of secondary vocational training, founded for the purpose of realization of the programmes of primary and secondary vocational training for the townspeople of Georgievsk and the nearest area.

• Major task under the regulations:
1. Making at the most favourable conditions for vocational training. 2. Realization the needs of personality in acquirement of occupation, speciality.
3. Raising the level of everyone’s skill taking into account interests, abilities and health.
4. Application and spreading of the advanced pedagogical experience in the field of vocational training.

• Contingent of trainees:
– pupils;
– young people, having fundamental general education;
– the unemployed;
– working for a wage.

• Engineering and pedagogical personnel:
GSRC has in stuff 262 officials, 7 of them are the candidates of different science, 68 have the higher and the first qualification category

• The number of students in 2006-2007 academic year:
Internals– 1249 ;
Instruction by correspondence– 141 students;
УПК – 600 учащихся;
Correspondence courses– 854 students.

• Basic educational programmes under license:
Creative union and circles
“ Fashion theatre” – during the academic year
“ Tourist ” – during the academic year
Cosmetology and face – 3 months
Plastic arts, choreography and theory of rhythm – 3 months
Painting and graphic arts – 5 months
confectionery under household conditions– 4 months The English language – 3 (6) months German – 3 (6) months
On the basis of the college there is a school of teaches to be – a regional school of preparation school students for entering higher educational establishment of Stavropol Region.

• Financing:
– Budget;
– Placement service;
– Trainee’s funds;
– Domestic manufacture;

• Cooperation with other organizations:
Educational institutions:
1. Pyatigorsk State Regional College "Integral"
2. Kursavka State Regional College "Integral"
3. Rostov State Economic University «РИНХ»
4. South Russia State Technical University (НПИ)
5. Stavropol State University
6. Russian Academy Of Education
7. Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University

• Enterprises:
Public corporation”ARZIL”
Company of limited liability “Georgievsk tinned food factory”
Public corporation” Bread-baking plant «Georgievskii»”
... and so on –total 30

• International co-operation:
– Европейский союз профессиональных учреждений (EVBB), г. Дюссельдорф, Германия
– Institute of raising the level of professional skills г.Hildeshime, Germany.

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